Skyy Vodka Lipgloss Giveaway Promotion

December 2011


THE AD: A Skyy Vodka promotion on a retailer website offering a free lip gloss with the purchase of a bottle of vodka.

ISSUE RAISED:  The complainant was concerned that offering free pink lip gloss with the purchase of a bottle of vodka was an attempt to appeal to young females. The complainant brought evidence showing that 43% of 6-9 year olds use lipstick or lip gloss, lipsticks are the most commonly used cosmetic category across all ages of women and lip gloss is used most regularly by pre-teens and teenagers.

OUTCOME: The ABAC Panel dismissed the complaint as it does not consider assessment of giveaways part of ABAC’s remit. Further, the advertiser (a retailer) was not a signatory to the ABAC Scheme.