Outdoor alcohol advertising near schools


The ABAC does not cover the placement of alcohol advertisements - the regulation of alcohol advertising placement under the existing system is incomplete and inconsistent.  The Outdoor Media Association’s Alcohol Advertising Guidelines require its members to limit the advertising of alcohol products on fixed signs within a 150 metre sight line of a school.  However the placement of outdoor alcohol advertising in relation to schools is not monitored, and there are no penalties if advertisers breach the 150m rule.

THE ADS:  In 2010, three alcohol advertisements (a billboard for Pure Blonde beer, and bus shelter advertising for Bundaberg Rum and Boags beer) were placed directly opposite Shenton College, a high school in Shenton Park, Western Australia.  Between March 2011 and February 2012, three alcohol advertisements were placed near the entrance to the Living Waters Lutheran College in Warnbro, Western Australia.

ISSUE RAISED:   In Shenton Park, the alcohol advertising on the billboard was in full view of the main school entrance and the bus shelter advertisements were on the main bus stop used daily by many students.  In Warnbro, the outdoor advertisements were on a telephone box opposite the school entrance.  All the advertisements were well within 150m of the school entrances.  Despite complaints to the Outdoor Media Association, these advertisements kept appearing over a number of months.  

OUTCOME: Although the Outdoor Media Association has repeatedly been made aware of the issues in relation to outdoor alcohol advertising near schools in Western Australia, the Association has not indicated that it will modify its processes to prevent breaches of their guidelines in the future.