Midori music video product placement

November 2011


THE AD: Images of the green melon liqueur Midori featured heavily in a music video, ‘You Make Me Feel’ by Cobra Starship, which was played regularly on music video programs such as Rage and is accessible online.  The music video reached Number 3 on the Australian Charts and Number 1 on the Australian Dance Music Charts. The music video repeatedly shows shots of Midori bottles, including close-ups on the label, and shots of green cocktails that are unmistakably Midori-based. The story of the clip shows people searching for love and finding it in a night club, as they drink Midori.

ISSUES RAISED: Breach of ABAC for encouraging excessive consumption, appealing to children or adolescents, featuring actors who are younger than 25 (one actor in the clip was known to be 22 in 2011), and linking alcohol with sexual or other success.

OUTCOME: The ABAC Panel did not consider product placement to be alcohol advertising.   Product placement is marketing activity designed to promote products by placing them in video clips, television programs and movies.