Bundaberg Five television commercial

November 2011


THE AD: The Bundaberg Five advertisement, which appeared on television, on the Bundaberg website, on the Bundy Rum Facebook page and YouTube, depicted the environment changing dramatically in the presence of the Bundaberg Five drink, from a boring bar to a glamorous, luxurious world filled with gold, fountains, and women.

ISSUE RAISED: Breach of ABAC provisions stating that alcohol advertisements must not link alcohol beverages to a significant change in mood or environment.

OUTCOME: The Panel upheld the complaint, finding that the advertisement contained the message that the presence of the product was a cause of the significant change in mood or environment.  However, the Panel made no recommendation in its determination that the advertiser should remove or modify the advertisement.  The advertiser stated that it removed the advertisement from the Bundaberg website and the television, but it was still accessible through a number of online channels at June 2012.

NOTE: The advertisement had been passed by the ABAC Pre-Vetting System prior to its release. The clear breach of ABAC was not raised at the pre-vetting stage.