Bacchus distillery shot bucket

February 2012


THE AD: The Shot Bucket contains 28 individually packaged 30mL shots in bright colours (green, pink and yellow) with names and flavours that closely resemble confectionery such as ‘Pancake’, ‘Banana Split’ and ‘Chocolate Éclair’.

ISSUES RAISED: The packaging and naming of the product appealed to children, encouraged excessive consumption, and did not present a mature and responsible approach to the consumption of alcohol.

OUTCOME: The Panel found that the naming and packaging of the Shot Bucket breached two sections of the Code relating to encouraging under-age drinking and appealing to children or adolescents.

The Panel did not find a breach in relation to the Shot Bucket encouraging excessive alcohol consumption, stating that:

Despite upholding the complaint about its appeal to children, the Panel made no recommendation about modifying the product to minimise its appeal to children. Bacchus Distillery has no obligation to comply with the Panel’s determination as it is not a signatory to the ABAC Scheme.  In June 2012, Bacchus Shot Buckets were still for sale, unchanged.