Determination Reports

Liquorland 'Australia Day' television advertisement - ref 127/13
20 February 2013. AD: Liquorland 'Australia Day' television advertisement. ADVERTISER: Wesfarmers Limited. DETERMINAION: Upheld in part … more

Strongbow Cider television advertisement during Test cricket - ref 124/13
12 February 2013. AD: Strongbow tv ad during Test cricket. ADVERTISER: CUB. DETERMINATION: Upheld. … more

Southern Comfort cinema advertisement before The Hobbit - ref 126/13
8 February 2013. AD: Southern Comfort cinema ad before The Hobbit in Geelong, VIC. ADVERTISER: Brown-Forman Australia. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

Carlton Draught advertisement on YouTube - ref 119/12
6 February 2013. AD: Carlton Draught ad on YouTube, prior to a music video. ADVERTISER: CUB. DETERMINATION: Upheld in part. … more

West End Draught and Adelaide Strikers - ref 125/13
5 February 2013. AD: West End Draught logos on Adelaide Stikers official website. ADVERTISER: Lion. DETERMINAION: Upheld. … more

Brancott Estate Wines bus stop advertisement in Floreat, WA - ref 117/12
1 February 2013. AD: Brancott Estate Wines bus stop ad in Floreat, WA. ADVERTISER: Pernod Ricard Australia. DETERMINAION: Upheld … more

Bulleit Bourbon truck advertisement in South Perth, WA - ref 123/13
29 January 2013. AD: Bulleit Bourbon ad on a truck. ADVERTISER: Diageo Australia. DETERMINATION: Dismissed. … more

Rebellion Bay Spiced Rum bus stop advertisement in Crawley, WA - ref 115/12
29 January 2013. AD: Rebellion Bay Spiced Rum bus stop ad. ADVERTISER: Vok Beverages. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

BWS and Woolworths Liquor bus stop advertisement in Crawley, WA - ref 114/12
29 January 2013. AD: BWS and Woolworths Liquor bus stop ad. ADVERTISTER: Woolworths Limited. DETERMINATION: Upheld. … more

James Boag's bus stop advertisement in Alfred Cove, WA - ref 116/12
25 January 2013. AD: James Boag's bus stop ad in Alfred Cove, WA. ADVERTISER: Lion. DETERMINATION: Upheld. … more