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Determination Reports

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Jagermeister Facebook posts - ref 781/19

18 June 2019. AD: Jagermeister Facebook posts....

Dan Murphy's email promotion - ref 780/19

29 May 2019. AD: Dan Murphy's email promotion....

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Determination Reports

BWS Jeep promotion - ref 412/15
5 May 2015. AD: BWS offering the chance to win a Jeep with the purchase of products. ADVERTISER: Woolworths Limited. DETERMINATION:... … more

Wild Turkey television advertisement during Australian Grand Prix - ref 401/15
4 May 2015. AD: Wild Turkey TV ad during Australian Grand Prix. ADVERTISER: Campari Australia. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

Two Elk Cider Instagram and Facebook post, March 2015 - ref 404/15
24 April 2015. AD: Two Elk Cider Instagram and Facebook post. ADVERTISER: Two Elk Cider. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

Vodka Cruiser Facebook page - ref 395/15
23 April 2015. AD: Content on the Vodka Cruiser Facebook page. ADVERTISER: Asahi Premium Beverages. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

Hahn Super Dry shopping centre advertisement in Floreat, WA - ref 403/15
21 April 2015. AD: Hahn Super Dry advertisement in Floreat Forum Shopping Centre in Floreat, WA. ADVERTISER: Lion. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

BWS cricket stumps sticker promotion - ref 400/15
21 April 2015. AD: BWS cricket stumps sticker promotion. ADVERTISER: Woolworths Limited. DETERMIANTION: Upheld … more

Thirsty Camel Bottleshops 'Minister for Thirst' promotion - ref 390/15
14 April 2015. AD: Thirsty Camel 'Minister for Thirst' promotion seen on Facebook and YouTube. ADVERTISER: Thirsty Camel Bottleshops.... … more

Carlton Dry Facebook image featuring a snowboarder - ref 399/15
14 April 2015. AD: Carlton Dry Facebook image featuring a snowboarder. ADVERTISER: CUB. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

Coopers Beer billboard in Shenton Park, WA - ref 398/15
14 April 2015. AD: Coopers Beer billboard in Shenton Park, WA. ADVERTISER: Coopers Brewery. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more

BWS 'Cricket Cooler' promotion - ref 397/15
10 April 2015. AD: BWS 'Cricket Cooler' promotion. ADVERTISER: Woolworths Limited. DETERMINATION: Upheld … more