Alcohol advertising review board content code

4. Alcohol-specific provisions

a. Young people

i. Alcohol advertisements shall not33:

1. be directed at, or have a strong or evident appeal to, Young People

2. associate any Product with youth or youth symbols,

3. portray Product in the context of, or in relation to, an activity attractive primarily to Young People; or

4. include a person or character whose example is likely to be followed by Young People or who has strong appeal to Young People.34

ii. Adults appearing in Alcohol Advertisements must be over 25 years of age and be clearly depicted as adults of this age.35


33. (i) to (iii) from Canadian Broadcast Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages Code, 1. NB: (i) modified to insert the ‘strong or evident appeal to’ from ABAC
34. UK BCAP Code 19.15.2
35. ABAC (b)(i)