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Media releases

"No way to ignore it": Calls to remove alcohol advertising from public transport - Thursday 10 March 2016

Calls for legislation after alcohol advertising report highlights failure of self-regulation - Monday 14 September 2015

Action needed to protect kids from alcohol ads - Wednesday 25 June 2014

New alcohol advertising report - Top ten shockers revealed - Tuesday 11 June 2013

Alcohol advertising and children - Call for action - Tuesday 12 February 2013

Alcohol Advertising Report - Children need protection - Thursday 6 December 2012

First Report of Alcohol Advertising Review Board - Thursday 2 August 2012

Launch of the Alcohol Advertising Review Board - Friday 16 March 2012



Alcohol Advertising Review Board Annual Report 2015-16 - 17 November 2016

"No way to ignore it: The case for removing alcohol ads from public transport" - 10 March 2016

Alcohol Advertising Review Board Annual Report 2014-15 - 14 September 2015

Alcohol Advertising Review Board Annual Report 2013-14 - 25 June 2014

Alcohol Advertising Review Board Fourth Report March - August 2013 - 17 January 2014

Alcohol Advertising Review Board Annual Report 2012 - 13 - 11 June 2013

Alcohol Advertising Review Board Quarterly Report: September - November 2012 - 12 February 2013

Alcohol Advertising Review Board Quarterly Report: June - August 2012 - 6 December 2012

Alcohol Advertising Review Board First Report - 2 August 2012



In the Media

“Party like it’s payday” ad condemned by alcohol marketing watchdog - The West Australian
18 March 2017. An alcohol marketing watchdog has condemned a “Party like it’s payday” advertisement for bottled rum placed outside... … more

WA Election 2017: Labor Government backs banning booze ads on buses - The West Australian
16 February 2017. A Labor government would move to ban alcohol advertising on all Public Transport Authority property. … more

“Raise a glass to the green and gold”: Should alcohol companies promote drinking on Australia Day? - Croakey
31 January 2017. Alcohol companies love to promote alcohol in connection with festivities, and Australia Day is no exception. … more

Call for global ban on alcohol ads in sport and end to self-regulation - AdNews
11 January 2017. Public health experts have warned current regulation allowing alcohol brands to advertise during live sports are... … more

Alcohol ads on social media linked to underage drinking - AdNews
1 November 2016. Alcohol marketing has been linked to underage drinking in a new study revealed at the APSAD Scientific Alcohol and Drugs... … more

Concern over alcohol ads - Great Southern Weekender
7 October 2016. Concerns over childrens exposure to alcohol advertisements has resulted in the removal of an alcohol ad which had been... … more

Bus stop booze ad ban plan splits city council - In Daily
2 September 2016. A State Government push for a ban on bus shelter alcohol advertising is dividing the city council and angering the... … more

Outdoor booze ads banned in SA, industry fights back - AdNews
29 August 2016. The alcohol and outdoor industries are challenging the latest ruling out of South Australia to ban all advertising of... … more

Alcohol ads to be banned on public transport - The Adelaide Advertiser
19 August 2016. Advertising beer, wine and spirits on the sides of buses, trains or trams will be banned from next year. … more

Alcohol ads 'don't belong' on Snapchat or any social media - AdNews
14 July 2016. Australia's alcohol ad watchdog has expressed concern over alcohol companies in the US increasingly advertising on Snapchat. … more