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Vodka Plus Facebook page - ref 518/16

29 April 2016. AD: Posts on the Vodka Plus...

Smirnoff Australia Instagram video - ref 513/16

28 April 2016. AD: Smirnoff Australia Instagram...

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The Code

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board administers the Alcohol Advertising Review Board Code. The Code sets criteria for acceptable alcohol advertising in Australia, and aims to ensure that alcohol advertising:

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board Content Code is constructed using only provisions from existing alcohol advertising codes from around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada. In each case, the alcohol and advertising industries in the country have accepted and supported the application of each of the codes to their advertising.

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board Placement Code features provisions by which the Board considers the placement of alcohol advertising should be governed.

Download the Alcohol Advertising Review Board Code, or read the online version below: 


Content Code:

1. Definitions

2. Application and Scope

3. General provisions

4. Alcohol-specific provisions

5. Standards to be applied to the naming and packaging of Alcoholic Beverages

Placement Code

For any queries you may have about the Code, please contact us.